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EDGE1 Back Tested Results

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  • Yearly average returns and maximum drawdowns are hypothetical
  • Back tested over a period of January 2013 – February 2017​
  • Results are net of all fees including management, performance and commissions.

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***All Edge 1 results and performances shown below are hypothetical***
Edge 1 runs the exact same strategy as our Edge2 offering but takes small risk on every trade. This is so that we can offer a lower volatility fund for the investor that is looking for great returns but does not want high volatility in their account.

** Edge 1 runs the same strategy as Edge2, the hypothetical results line up with our live Edge2 offering as it is the same system only lower risk

Edge 1 is  a long term strategy for wholesale investors, Family Offices and Institutional Clients. A longer term view of this strategy will allow investors to benefit from the compounding.

Edge1 is a quantitive system that is looking to profit on the initial explosive break out of markets in which we are looking to stay in for 1-2 weeks, then take our profits


Nivin runs a very stringent optimization strategy to ensure that we have the correct contracts within our portfolio and that our strategy is performing at an optimal level for the current market conditions.

Risk Management

Risk management is number one priority to Nivin to protect client funds.

Nivin takes breakout trades that are with the "major trend' that our proprietary indicators highlight and these trades will take up to our maximum allowable risk that is in accordance to the strategy mandate. We will also take trades that are against our "major trend" indicator as this has the potential to be the start of major trends but we will take these trades with a far reduced risk.

Nivin has in place strategies for when an account enters a drawdown the risk is reduced until we start to see the market return to "normal" and then we will slowly start to increase the risk back to normal levels. 

The risk management strategy is being constantly optimized, we are constantly learning and adapting to the markets. At Nivin we strongly believe that with the Risk Management that we have optimized and implemented that the historical drawdowns that have been encountered so far, would have greatly reduce from what we have seen and we would not expect to see similar drawdowns in the future.​